Research and Analysis Before Starting Your Fashion Brand


What to Look out for before starting your fashion brand ?

Before getting to know the problem and understanding the task, if one simply jumps into it, the only outcome is going to be a disaster. We will not have to look far before we come at a dead end. Proper research and planning is very important before starting a project, however big or small it may seem. The question that might arise here is that how much time should be devoted to this particular stage and the answer to that would be, in a proportional manner. This proportion has to be maintained keeping in mind the various segments that we come across during designing. For example in case of apparel or fashion oriented products research could comprise of an adequate study of the current fashion trends and forecast. Fashion forecast may be customized according to the clients requirement or could be even accessed through existing ones in the market.

Tech Pack Designer


About Urban Purple

Urban Purple is one of the Leading Apparel Design Studio and Garment Export Unit in India.Has its Reputation in Managing and Successfully Serving more than 40 Clients across the Globe.Urban Purple Provides complete Service starting from Apparel Design, Tech Pack Development, Pattern Design and Grading, Fabric Sourcing, Dyeing, Embroidery, Printing, Sample Production and Full Batch production.
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