Tech Pack and Measurement Specs Design

Once we have the technical flat drawn and confirmed the next step is tech pack design. This means giving the style all detailing as per the style need. You need proper technical design expertise to prepare a tech pack. If you do not have the expertise it is advisable to hire a tech pack designer. You must convey your style need in detail with a proper style detailing sheet. This helps your technical designer prepare the tech pack without any point missing.

You need certain parameter to test the progress of your product development. To pass quality check of your apparel production,  manufacturer must follow the process. During apparel production there can be many steps. An apparel tech pack guide clothing manufacturer at every step of apparel production. Every time there is any confusion, the one step to follow is refer to the tech pack given. Imagine a situation doing a production without a tech pack. It may lead to confusion that you can not avoid. No clothing manufacturer have the patience to refer to your long mail chains. Even if they do it may lead to misinterpreting. A tech pack explain every detailing graphically with indicators and explanation. So there is almost no chance of confusion.

The Tech Pack Design Have the following steps.
1. Complete Rendered Illustration, Flat Sketch.
2. Color Combo Details with rendered Illustration and Panton Color mentioned
3. Construction details with Zoomed Illustrated details of important areas of the garment.
4. Graphic details with color combos.
5. Graphic Placement Details
6. Measurement Spec Sheet with size detail (Included measurement of all sizes)
7. Trim details (Labels, Tags, and Accessories etc)
8. Print Detailing and Print Placement Details.
9. Washing Details
10.Measurement Spec Sheet.


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